A film to protect the mechanics called "A9 Technology", a miscible solution increases engine longevity and reduces polluting emissions.

You had to think about it. It is while strolling in the aisles of the Fair of Paris that Renan Biro has an illumination. The young guy has then in charge a storage facility dedicated to classic cars. He despairs of seeing the mechanics of his cars damaged by lack of driving often enough.

“Seeing a woman sent pancakes in the air from a fried pan, I understand that I have to find a film with the same properties as Teflon in order to avoid acidification and corrosion of the engines and thus their deterioration”, says Renan Biro.

With the help of an engineer, in 1988 he gave birth to A9 Technology. Today, we are rediscovering this process that oil companies and manufacturers have always treated with indifference. A kind of resin, this component is fixed from 43°C on all the metal surfaces inside the engine. This film, invisible to the naked eye (barely 0.1 micron) acts as an insulator and gets rid of all deposits. These days, this film-forming surface treatment looks like a miracle solution. Not content with improving the longevity of engines, it reduces consumption by reducing metal friction in particular. Around 5% to 15%, depending on the way of driving. As a corollary, among the other proven advantages of this patented cosmetic, there is a drastic reduction in toxic emissions – around 75% – which makes its designer saying that it could save us the electric revolution that our society is preparing to live. By filming the mechanics, the A9 Technology protects the post gas systems (particulates filter, catalytic converter) as well. Recently, thanks to a handling error, it was also discovered that the product could also be injected into an Ad Blue tank! Finally, the A9 Technology increases engine performance, around 300 rpm gained.

Since his discovery, Renan Biro has developed a multitude of applications for the entire locomotion sector that he offers through an online store. Regarding the automotive market, two-wheelers and HGVs, his company markets its A9 Technology solution in two forms: either engine oil under the Lubeco label or Motoreco cosmetics which are combined with any standard oil on the market when servicing the engine. Transmissions, fuel injection circuits, lithium greases, coolants and windscreen washers are also other fields that the A9 Technology has invested in. Finally and perhaps most importantly, the A9 Technology maintains all warranties provided by all manufacturers.

A9 Technology can be used on all transport vehicles.
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