New Generation Technology!

The invention of A9 Technology is one of the major breakthrough in the world of modern lubrication for automotive and for all engines and circuits using dynamic lubrication oil to lubricate the mechanically moving parts.

User Groups!

A9 Technology offers a wide range of film forming lubricants and treatments which are designed for motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, boats, small airplanes and for various agricultural-, construction- and industrial machinery. vehicles_icons_names

Unique with No Competition!

A9 Technology forms a highly protective Remnant Film on all hot metal surfaces from 43°C/110°F upon all engines and transmissions. This Remnant Film avoids wear and tear and corrosion observed in use of any motor oil. A9 Technology has nothing in common with other kind of soluble additives available on market today because it is miscible and not soluble. A9 Technology which is patented worldwide since 1991, is based on a cosmetic process and does not employ any solvents which make it exclusive with no competition.

Outstanding Benefits!

Once the A9 Technology remnant film is formed after a few hours of use, results are truly amazing, like for example:

  1. easy cold starts
  2. better protection of catalytic converters
  3. equalised and optimised compression ratios
  4. savings exceed the cost of the next oil purchase (self-financing)
  5. considerable increase in power output because of reduced friction
  6. reduction of fuel consumption by 5-10% and oil topping-up by 70-100%
  7. engines can be stored indefinitely without corrosion, gumming up or binding
  8. reduction of friction on moving metal parts and thereby increasing mechanical life span
  9. more mileage and better duration of use: up to 200 km extra distance per full tank.

Environmentally Friendly!

A9 Technology`s proven high reduction of toxic emissions (CO, HC, Nox, Particles) makes it the No1 anti-pollution film forming lubricant in the world, actively contributing to cleaner air quality. Petrol engines: 75% reduction of CO emissions at idle speed and 20-30% in city traffic. Diesel engines: Average reduction of exhaust fumes by 40% during acceleration.

Safety and Warranty!

Produced to international standards, A9 Technology does not alter the design characteristics of the standard lubricants, because it is miscible, not soluble and therefore maintains manufactures`s warranty. A9 Technology lubricants and treatments are produced in EU in ISO 9001-2008 approved facilities with a production capacity of 180 000 tons per year.

Choose A9 Technology, because like millions of motorists, you deserve it.green_porche