No it does not, but you may not get the full benefits from Treatments.

No, you should not use it. Instead you should use Lubeco 2-Stroke Oils.

Yes you can if you changed an oil filter too, so that oil is clean enough.

Absolutely not because it’s not an additive and alter neither any metal surfaces! It’s not possible that A9 would cause any harm. It’s also safe to environment and to a person who handels a Teratment applicator.

A9 Technology does not alter the design characteristics of the standard lubricants, because it is miscible, not soluble. It uses the lubricant only as a carrier and therefore maintains manufactures`s warranty.

Yes it is recommended, because the effect of the remnant film is more efficient if the oil is clear and not too charged with particles of wear. If you use A9 treatment with dirty filter and old oil, part of the remnant film will be used to treat the rubbish particles instead to treat the metal surface and the results will be less efficient.

No, A9 is NOT an oil treatment, it is an ENGINE treatment and uses the oil as a carrier mechanism.

A9 lubricants and treatments form an insulating, about 0.1 micron Remnant Film between metal parts of the engine and the oil bath. This remnant film avoids wear and tear and corrosion, common in use of any other motor oil. As a result, A9 film wears instead of the engine.