Innovation in the Genes of the Biro Family

In 1991, the first patent is deposited; A9 TECHNOLOGY® then becomes the first way to isolate a moving metal mass of its ambient medium consisting of a lubricant. This novelty will be considered by specialists in the field as the third component in the history of lubrication in modern times because TRIBOLOGY (Study of friction) will be greatly improved, on the one hand, resulting in better STOICHIOMETRY (the study proportions according to which the bodies combine with each other) and therefore less emissions of pollutants, on the other hand.

Indeed, with the appearance of the first monograde oils (also called SAE 30, 40, or SAE 50) in the early twentieth century, then the generalization of multigrade oils in the second half of the twentieth century (that also calls 20W40, 15W40, 10W40, 5W40, etc …), and now at the dawn of the 21st century, the generation of film-forming oils is coming onto the market. These are all lubricants that contain A9 TECHNOLOGY®. Whether they are monogrades or multigrades they automatically become film-forming.

To image what has just been stated, we can say that the A9 TECHNOLOGY® is to the lubricant what the DOLBY SYSTEM® is to the acoustic reproduction organs: ESSENTIAL.