Safety & Warranty

Maintain Manufacturer’s Warranty!

engine_warrantyWhen using together with other lubricants recommended by engine manufacturer, A9 products does not modify the genuine characteristics of these standard lubricants.

Consequently any manufacturer’s warranty about engine and transmissions (gearbox and axles) could not be legally cancelled or modified as far as the instructions of maintenance are scrupulously respected in using A9 Technology.

Also A9 Technology can not be the cause for any malfunctioning or mechanical damage as far as it is applied according to instructions and used only for the intended devices.

The warranty does not apply for the damages or the consequences during any additional use of products, systems or not corresponding additives at the origin of the mechanics, not being a part of the A9 Technology and its issued products.

Scientifically Studied!

European official laboratories have conducted several studies to quantify and control the effects of the A9 Technology remnant film. In addition, by extending mechanical life, it greatly reduces the emission of toxic gases, save fuel and will remove the oil topping up.

These scientific studies conducted by UTAC and INRETS and performed by A9 Technology have highlighted the outstanding capabilities of A9 Technology and its direct impact on the efficiency and performance on vehicles treated.

The studies have showed that:

  • petrol engine emits 77% less emissions at low revs and between 20-30% city trafic at normal speed.
  • diesel engine emits 40% less smoke during acceleration.
  • fuel consumption decreases by 5-15% depending on the model and the way of driving (urban aeras, road, highway).
  • the mechanics of your vehicle is protected, which ensures its durability and easy maintenance.
  • In addition as explainen earlier, A9 Technology’s issued products maintain any manufacturer’s warranty.