Benefits Of A9

By forming a highly protective remnant film on metal surfaces, A9 Technology is substantially reducing friction between metal components, mostly by preventing dry metal to metal contact, as this condition is responsible for 70% of engine wear during cold starts. Thus the engine life is extended. A9 Technology also allows the engine that is not in use for prolonged period to avoid any damage caused by dry contact between adjacent surface.

Below is a list of different A9 Products and all the benefits that this technology provides.

Major Benefits of LUBECO and MOTORECO

Lubeco lubricants are designed to protect 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines. Motoreco treatments are designed to protect 4-stroke engines.

  • STARTING: less running time required. Lubeco and Motoreco
  • SAVINGS: oil changes are self-financing.
  • SPARKING: substantial increase in spark plugs life.
  • RACING: residual oil film is boosting performance.
  • VIBRATIONS: decreased, resulting in quieter engine.
  • LEAKAGE: better gaskets protection & reduced leakage.
  • STARTER: thanks to easier cold starts, starter wear is halved.
  • OIL MAKE UP: reduced by 70% to 100% for 4-stroke engines.
  • COLD START: much easier with cold engine thanks to the A9 Remnant Film.
  • BATTERY: the overall electric load reduction is extending the battery lifetime.
  • CYLINDER PRESSURE: optimization & automatic balancing among cylinders.
  • TEMPERATURE: at steady state, the oil temperature is reduced roughly by 20%.
  • ANTI-CORROSION: the residual oil film (A9 Remnant Film) is fighting rust & corrosion.
  • PICK UP: the engine has stronger pick up, especially at low RPM due to boosted torque.
  • FILTER PARTICLES: increases its efficiency in the long run thanks to a better combustion.
  • MILEAGE: reduced fuel consumption increases mileage up to 200 km by full tank.
  • ANTI SEIZING: seizing is prevented on 2-stroke engines in case of icing of the filters & interruption of fuel flow.
  • TURBO-COMPRESSOR: expected lifetime of the system is maximized due to 20% temperature drop at steady state.
  • LUBRICANT BEHAVIOR: every multi-grade oil acts as 0W60 in 4-stroke engines due to the A9 Remnant Film.
  • CONSUMPTION: consumption is reduced, 5%-10% in city driving, may reach 30% if all the kinematic chain is treated with A9 Remnant Film.
  • ANTI-POLLUTION: gasoline engines: up to 75% reduction of toxic gas (CO) at idling & 20%-30% in city driving. Diesel engines: 40% smoke reduction during acceleration.
  • CATALYST: the protection of the “lambda probe” extends the lifetime of the catalytic converter & assists it in fighting pollution during cold phase in city driving. In addition, it prevents fuel waist & power degradation.
  • PROTECTION: 4-stroke engines: A9 Remnant Film prevents gunk, tar & carbon deposits – 2-stroke engines: prevents gum, varnish, fuel & deposits on pistons & carbon deposits in the firing chambers & intake/exhaust ports.

Major Benefits of TRANSECO

Transeco treatment is designed to protect manual and automatic transmissions. Transeco

  • AIR CONDITIONING: compressor lifetime is extended & Freon consumption is halved.
  • ASSISTANCE: eliminates noise & fluid leaks by building residual oil film (A9 Remnant Film).
  • TRANSMISSION: 20% shorter average response time improves speed & pick up for every gear.

Major Benefits of INJECTECO

Injecteco treatment is designed to protect fuel injection system and fuel tank. Injecteco

  • HUMIDITY & BACTERIA: absorbs potential humidity & bacteria of fuel tank & avoids drawback which follows.
  • PULVERIZATION: reduction of fuel consumption thanks to the constant quality of pulverization.