A9 Effect On Warranty

A9 Does Not Cause Any Malfunctioning Or Mechanical Damage

When using A9 Technology products together with other lubricants recommended by car or engine manufacturer`s specifications, it does not modify the genuine characteristics of these standard lubricants. Consequently any manufacturer’s warranty about engine and transmissions as well as gearboxes and axles, could not legally be cancelled or modified as far as the instructions of maintenance are scrupulously respected in using A9 Technology products.

Also the use of A9 Technology can’t be the cause for any malfunctioning or mechanical damage as far as user instructions are followed and with only the A9 Technology issued products intended for their specific device.

The warranty does not apply for the damages or the consequences during any additional use of products, systems or not corresponding additives at the origin of the mechanics, not being a part of the A9 Technology and its issued products.