Terms of Delivery

Web Store Planet A9

Planet-a9.com is maintained by Planet A9 (Finnish company id ​2778053-7).

Contact information https://planet-a9.com/contacts/


All prices include value added tax (VAT) 24% if not otherwise mentioned.


You can order by using:

Register infomation will not be released outsite of Planet A9 -webshop and Bittituotanto (https://www.bittituotanto.fi/) who might help maintaining the site.


Payments are made using SEPA bank transfers only at the moment.


Delivery by postal service or similar (Posti / Matkahuolto etc…).

Dispatching costs are calculated based on order weight. The amount is automatically added to invoice.

Delivery time is about 2-7 work days.
Return or exchange is free of charge.

In any product change, refunds or consumer complaints, contact firts customer services at Planet A9 info@planet-a9.com. We will not receive product refunds which are not beforehand reclaimed in custome services.
Planet A9 will inherit the costs from unnecessary product refunds from the sender.

All possbile claims for delivery is be made in 8 days. All the products have 14 day refunds. Refunded product must be returned back in its original package.